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CLICK HERE to List Your Home In The MLS Covering Your Area For a $199 to $499 Flat Fee.

The $199 to $499 Flat Fee MLS Listing service offered at this site includes your home being listed by a licensed real estate agent in the MLS which is used by all the other Realtors in your area. This Multiple Listing Service, or MLS as it is commonly called, is the way that a Realtor cooperates with other Realtors in your area to make them aware that a specific property is for sale and that they are being offered a specific commission to sell it to their buyer clients. This is the SAME MLS which any other Realtor charging you up to 6 or 7% for a MLS listing would list your home in.  The difference is that you pay a FLAT FEE of $199 to $499 to be listed in the MLS instead of a listing commission which in most cases is HALF the total commission Realtors charge (by way of example if the total commission is 6% the listing broker usually keeps 3% and then offers 3% to the broker who finds the buyer). That is a lot of money considering that the listing broker only sells the home themselves about 5% of the time.  The MLS itself is essentially a private database accessed by a computer network which ONLY the member Realtors have access to, the public can NEVER see the actual MLS listings.  However, many but not all of the MLS Organizations have Public Web Sites where the public can view portions of the information contained in those MLS listings. Only the member realtors can view ALL the information in the mls listings, the public only gets to view the limited information which the particular MLS decides to display to them.  For example, some MLS listing organizations do NOT display the street address of the mls listings at the public web sites.  None of the Public MLS Listing Sites allow the owners name or contact information to be displayed to the public since they do NOT want buyers calling owners, they want buyers calling their member Realtors (that is why they set up the public sites to start with is to get the buyers to call a realtor).  Likewise, in addition to deciding what information is displayed to the public, the MLS also decides IF they want to display any information about their listings to the public and which listings to show information about.  Many MLS organizations (particularly smaller ones) do NOT operate a public website at all, but the member realtors in those areas STILL have access to the listings using their private computer network, there is just not a public website to display their mls listings.   Other MLS listing cooperatives have public web sites but do not display information about some or all of their mls listings at their public website possibly due to their MLS IDX policies or the election of specific realtor members to hold back some or all of the listings from public display or distribution.  The member Realtors in these MLS organizations STILL have access to these listings and the information contained in them using their private computer network regardless of whether they are displayed partially or fully on any public web site.

Click your State name to view the links to the Public MLS Listing Web Sites for your State.  That will show the name, geographic location covered, and the link to the public website of many of the MLS Listing cooperatives which cover areas where the $199 to $499 Realtor Flat Fee MLS Listing Service is offered at this site.   This list is NOT comprehensive at this time (we have just began developing it for our users reference information) so if your area does not have a link that does not necessarily mean that there is not a public website, it just means that we have not completed this index yet.  There are THOUSANDS of MLS Listing Cooperatives in America so this process may take some time to complete.  Meanwhile, we hope you find this index useful as we complete it.

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